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Vickers Hardness Tester

XHVT-5Z10Z30Z50Z V3.0


This instrument is a new generation of automatic Vickers hardness tester. It adopts the integrated design of hardness tester and panel computer; With Windows operating system, it has all functions of computer.
 With CCD image acquisition system, it can show dynamic indentation image, lock the image and automatically get the Vickers hardness value. It takes over the old method of measuring the diagonal length by eyepiece, avoids the stimulation and visual fatigue of the light source of the eyepiece, and protects the eyesight of the operator. It is a major innovation of Vickers hardness tester.

Main features:

·  All the testing parameters can be selected on the side panel computer. With touching screen, it operates quickly and conveniently and displays clearly and intuitively.
·  With CCD image acquisition system, it shows the image clearly and gets the hardness value just by touching the screen.
·  With three measuring objectives, automatic recognition and shifting between the objective and the indenter, automatically get the Vickers or Knoop hardness value.
·  With the function of hardness scale conversion.
·  The system has two languages: English and Chinese.
·  With several USB and RS232 interfaces, the hardness measurement can be print out by USB interface (equipped with an external printer).
·  It can automatically save the measuring data, generate the hardness-depth curve and save as WORD or EXCEL document.
·  With X-Y automatic test table, automatic focusing and automatic measuring, it realizes the fully automation of Vickers hardness testing.

Technical parameters: 
1. Test force:


Test force


1.9612.942 4.903 9.807 19.61 24.52 29.42 49.03N

0.2 0.3  0.5    1     2    2.5    3    5 kgf


1.9612.942 4.9039.807 19.61 24.52 29.42 49.03 98.07N

0.2 0.3  0.5   1    2    2.5   3    5    10 kgf



0.3 0.5  1   2   2.5  3   5   10   20  30 kgf



0.5  1   2   2.5   3   5    10   20  30  50kgf

2. Test mode: HV / HK
3. Language: English / Chinese
4. Test force application: Automatic lifting system
5. X-Y Testing Table
a) Automatic focusing
b) Dimension: 100×100mm
c) Travel: 25×25 mm
d) Resolving power: 0.002mm
6. Selection of conversion value of the hardness scales.
7. Dwell time of the test force: 0~60s (5 seconds as a unit)
8. Shifting method between indenter and objectives: Automatic recognition and shifting
9. Brightness of the light source: stepless adjustable
10. Digital camera pixel: 1.3 million
11. Optical system:

With three measuring objectives for arbitrary choice:



Total Amplification

Min. Test Unit




0.25 μm



0.125 μm



0.0625 μm

12. Appearance parameters:
   The Max. Height of the specimen: 185 mm
   The Max. Depth of the specimen: 130 mm (From the center)
   Power supply: AC110/220V, 60/50Hz
   Overall dimension (L×W×H): 560×335×675 mm
   Weight: 65kg