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Coating Thickness Gauge

● 2 Measuring modes: continuous/single ● 2 Shutdown modes: manual/automatic ● Wide measuring range with 5 probes available (next page) ● Direct testing mode and block statistics mode (APPL/BATCH) ● Can connect with printer to out of statistical values ● Dataview to connect with PC with USB 2.0 port ● 500 datas can be stored Main features Can use various probe (F400, F1, more>>
The Probe of Coating Thickness Gauge
The Probe of Coating Thickness Gauge technical parameters F-use magnetic probe, based on measurable magnetic metal (such as steel, iron, steel alloys and hard-magnetic, etc.) on non-magnetic coating thickness (such as zinc, aluminum, chromium, copper, rubber, paint, etc.). N-type probe use of eddy current way, measurable magnetic non-ferrous metal matrix (such as more>>
Cross Hatch Cutter
Specifications TMTeck design cross hatch cutter is applicable to determine the adhesion of organic coatings by cross-hatching. This instrument is designed for assessing the resistance of paint or related coatings to separation from substrates when a right-angle lattice oattern is cut into the coating, penetrating through to the substrate. The Cross Hatch Cutters conform with the more>>
TM550FN Coating Thickness Gauge
DESCRIPTION This compact gauge can be used for non-destructive coating thickness measurement of non-magnetic coatings, e.g. paint, enamel, chrome on steel, and insulating coatings, e.g. paint and anodizing coatings on non-ferrous metals. The internal probe can work on both principles, magnetic induction and the eddy currents. The probe can automatically detect the substrates type ( more>>
Coating thickness gauge TM500FN
Coating thickness gauge TM500FN IDEAL TOOL FOR... Powder Coaters Paint Suppliers Paint Applicators Coating Quality Control Inspectors Painting Contractors Automotive Dealers Automotive Refinishers Automotive Resellers Body Shops Car Dealerships & Inspectors and more... ADDITIONAL FEATURES: § Measures coatings on ANY METAL including steel, aluminum ( more>>