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Concrete Test Hammer

Type-in-one Voice Digital Concrete Test Hammer , 785N 2.207J
1. GB /T9138-1988, JJG817-93 and JGJ/T23-2001 standards. 2. USB communication port 3.Concrete Test hammer Brief introduction: Test hammer HTH-225V submitted to GB /T9138-1988, JJG817-93 and JGJ/T23-2001 standards. The instrument is useful for quality Inspection Company, site testing or sampling and laboratory center, don’t have to manual calculation, machine automatically more>>
Integrated Voice Digital Concrete Test Hammer 2.207J 785N
1. GB /T9138-1988, JJG817-93 and JGJ/T23-2011 standard 2. USB communication port 3.Concrete Test hammer Brief introduction: Test hammer HTH-225 W confirm to GB /T9138-1988, JJG817-93 and JGJ/T23-2011 standards. The instrument is popularly used for quality Inspection Company making supervisory monitoring, random monitoring ,on-the-spot testing, and also used for sampling and more>>
High Strength Concrete Test Hammer 60Mpa for Building Structure
Parameter: Test range: 50~80Mpa Standard impact energy:9.8J Stroke of rebound hammer: 140mm Friction of pointer slider: 0.4N~0.8N Average rebound value on steel anvil: 83±2 Stiffness of tension spring: 10N/cm Size: Φ65*486mm Weight: ≈3.5KG Brief introduction: Submit to JGJ/T23-2001 technology regulation. The instrument is suitable for testing strength of tall more>>
High Precision 0.735J Concrete Test Hammer 54 268 mm for Brick
1.Portable, easy to operation; 2.Size: 54 * 268 mm , small in size and high sensitivity; 3.Six colours 4.Provide digital type Brief introduction: Submit to standard of GB/T50315-2000,the instrument is applied to test light material such as brick, light bone concrete etc. Trait: 1)Center rod use imported material, high precision, wear proof; 2)Shell use super more>>
Easy Operate Digital Concrete Test Hammer , W + Integrated Voice
Easy operation, W + Integrated Voice test hardness and strength USB communication port Brief introduction: Consistent withGB/T9138-1988 standards and JJG817-93 statutes and JGJ/T23-2001 technical regulations. This product is suitable for supervision of the company, quality supervision on-site sampling tests, as well as testing centers. On-site automatically assessment results more>>