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Concrete Thickness Gauge

Crack width gauge
Brief Introduction CK-102 series of quantitative detection of crack width gauge can be widely used in bridges, tunnels, buildings, concrete pavement, metal surface crack width. Features 1.An automatic interpret ationof the crack width, directly to the crack width value sare displayed on the screen; 2. Automatic shooting crack photos ,real-time image display; 3. Stored photos, more>>
Product Description : TMCK-2 crack width measurement instrument a new professional concrete structure measurement instrument for the crack width and the microcosmic defects on surface, against the traditional crack microscope inconvenient for observation. Application: Mainly used for testing the crack width of bridge, channel, concrete plate, metallic surface. Feature: High light more>>
TMLC-A Concrete Thickness Gauge
Specifications TMLC-A concrete thickness gauge is composed of signal transmit, connector, signal processing, and display. It reliably measures the thickness of the poured concrete slab of non-metal like structure,concrete,wall,girder,bar,pole,wood and ceramics base on the inpact echo priciple. Main Specification Thickness Range: First Range:40—350mm; Second Range:200—800mm. more>>