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LCD/CCD Measurement System

It combines computer automatic measuring system with hardness tester. By means of CCD Camera Interface, connect Digital Brinell hardness tester with computer. Whole testing operation can be processed by operating keyboard and mouse, therefore the operation is easy and measuring precision is high. Maximum decrease man-made error and avoid seeing weariness of the operator. It is an advance more>>
It is a new type hardness tester which is equipped a PS-2006 Video Measuring Device on the main body of Digital Brinell Micro Vickers Hardness Tester.PS-2006 Video Measuring Device is composed of CCD measuring equipment,6.8 inch colored LCD and other relative components.With PS-2006 Video Measuring Device,the indention originally shown on objective of hardness tester is now display on the more>>
The measurement and control of the tester system is to use high resolution image device, display the indentation clearly on the computer screen. Through the software for signal conversion, it automatically measures the hardness value of indentation. By designated and continuous testing process, it can draw the depth and gradient curve diagram. It is supported for WIN9X, WINNT, WIN2000, more>>