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Vibration Meter

Model TMV210 & TMV280 Vibration Meter
Model TMV210 & TMV280 Vibration Meter Features: ·Used for fast failure detecting of motor, electric fan, pump, air compressor, machine tools and so on. ·Compact size, small weight, easy handling ·Prompt testing of vibration on the workshop machines ·For quick checking of unbalance misalignment, bearings and gears ·Guard against mechanical malfunction · more>>
Portable Vibration Meter TMV110
Introduction Model TMV110 portable vibration meter is suitable for routine vibration measurement, especially in reciprocating machinery vibration measurements. This product use optimized-filtering method to ensure stable and accurate measurement indication in multi-interference measurements environment. And the product of smart appearance, white backlit display is easy to use in more>>
Vibration Meter TMV500
Portable Vibration Meter TMV500 TMV500 uses piezoelectric acceleration transducer to convert vibration signal into electric signal. Then by analyzing input signal, results including RMS of velocity values, peak-peak value of displacement, peak values of acceleration or real-time spectral charts are displayed or printed out. It can not only measure the three parameters, but also for more>>