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ZXQ-2 Automatic water cooling Metallographic mounting press
Mounting press, inlay machine, moulding machine, sample preparation equipments supplier Features and Applications: 1. Used to mount small specimens, specimens in irregular shapes, or difficult to take up. 2. Serves to facilitate grinding and polishing operations and the routine observation under the metallographic microscope. 3. The machine is heated, and intensified with pressure more>>
TMZXQ-5 HOT Metallographic Inlaying
The sample inlaying machine can inlay improper samples in shape or size to meet the following sampling steps, to obtain required inspection surface, or to protect edges or surface defects caused in the course of sample preparation. In modern metallographic labs, semi-automatic or automatic grinding/polishing machines have a certain requirement in sample size, so the samples must be inlayed. more>>
TMZXQ-1 Automatic Metallographic Sample Mounting Press
Automatic Metallographic Sample Mounting Press is used to mosaic small specimens, specimens in irregular shapes, or specimens which are not easy to take up. It is the preceding process before grinding and polishing metallographic or rock specimens. The mosaic operation serves to facilitate the grinding and polishing operations of the specimens and the routine observation of the more>>
TMXQ-2B Metallographic Sample Mounting Press
Model TMXQ-2B Metallographic Sample Mounting Presses are suitable for the thermos-hardening plastic pressing of the small metallographic specimen which is not idiomorphic or hard to take. After forming, it will be very easy for the grinding, polishing of the specimen and it is also convenient for people to measure the metallographic structure under metallographic microscope. The more>>