310HRSS-150 Automatic Full Scale Rockwell Hardness Tester

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Product details Parameters

310HRSS-150 Automatic Full Scale Rockwell Hardness Tester

Automatic Metal Durometer,Digital Display Full Scalel Superficial Rockwell and Rockwell hardness tester

Digital Double Rockwell Hardness Tester with a novel and pleasing appearance, full functions, easy operation, clear and direct-viewing display, and stable performance is a high-tech and new product combining the mechanic and electric features. This tester is able to measure the Rockwell and superficial Rockwell hardness value with all scales. Its main function is as follows:

1、The Selection of all hardness scales for Rockwell and superficial Rockwell.

2、The hardness values exchange among various hardness scales.

3、The selection of dwell time for hardness test.

4、The revising of the value for year, month and date.

5、The RS232 serial communication is supplied to clients for the functional expansion.

6、The Present hardness tester with the storage function can be browsed the hardness testing page and output the hardness testing results with printer.


Technical Specifications

1. The Power Source and the Voltage: AC220V±5%, 50-60 Hz

2.Time-delayed control: 2-60 seconds, adjustable

3.The Max. Height of the Testing Specimen: 175 mm

4.The Distance from the Indenter Center to the Instrument Body: 165mm.

5.Overall Dimension (Length×Width×Height): 551×260×800 mm

6.The Net Weight of the Tester: 80kg (Approx).

 Rockwell Hardness

7. The Technical Specifications of Rockwell Hardness


Superficial Rockwell hardness

8. The technical specifications of superficial Rockwell hardness