TMHV-1000MDTe Auto Turret Micro vickers hardness Tester

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Product details Parameters

Main features:

   1.TMHV-1000MDTe adopts 8-inch touch screen display, dual language setting, convenient for users to choose;

The operation interface adopts menu-type structure. Hardness scale HV or HK can be selected on the operation 

panel.During the test, the pressure head and objective lens automatically switch with each other, and the test 

point is automatically positioned accurately;Various hardness values can be converted to each other;The brightness 

of the light source can be adjusted.

  2.The optical cross guide rail is adopted to ensure the guiding accuracy;The speed and stability of transmission 

can be realized by using the two-stage pinion and rack transmission.High transmission ratio high precision worm 

gear worm, ensure more accurate transmission force.

   3.Can be equipped with a built-in camera, the image is clearer

   4.Can be calibrated according to the standard hardness block or length scale, so that the hardness value more 

accurate in line with the requirements.

   5.Rs-232 interface is available for computer connection.

Operation interface:

                                             Main interface    



Standard accessories:


Technical Specifications: