Vibration Meter TMV500

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Portable Vibration Meter TMV500


TMV500 uses piezoelectric acceleration transducer to convert vibration signal into electric signal. Then by analyzing input signal, results including RMS of velocity values, peak-peak value of displacement, peak values of acceleration or real-time spectral charts are displayed or printed out. It can not only measure the three parameters, but also for rotational speed measuring.

The vibration meter is designed to test conventional vibration, especially the vibration test in rotating and reciprocating machines. It can be used not only to test the acceleration, velocity, and displacement of vibration as well as rev (or inherent frequency), but also perform simple failure diagnosis.

The technical specifications of  TMV500 comply with the requirements of GB 13823.3. TMV500 is widely used in machinery, power, metallurgy, automobile and other industrial fields.